About Me

27. London. Gay. Geek.

Menswear, music & photography enthusiast.

This blog is a culmination of things I like.

Unless stated, I don’t claim to own any of the images featured in this blog. I do try my best to make sure any images or products that are featured are correctly linked to the copyright holder’s site/store so they get the publicity they deserve; However, this might not always be possible with the content I reblog. If you would like me to remove or correctly link content featured on this site, please just send me a direct message or email.

Also, if you are a brand, online retailer or photographer and you’d like me to check out your site/store, just send me a direct message or email. I do try to write back to everyone that does contact me, and I’ll feature any products/images I feel are in line with the blog’s tone/aesthetic.


Contact : streetstylemarket@gmail.com